Usb2 vs usb3 under linux

Lately I've been buying laptop for myself. And was wandering if I need one with usb3 ports. I've already got usb3 mobile 2'5 hdd, but I've thought that 5400rpm hdd doesn't really need usb3. Finally I've got laptop with usb3 so I have to run some tests ;).
Used bonnie++ on hdd connected to usb3 port and usb2 port. Here are results:



Surprise, cause slow hdd can even get benefits from being connected to usb3 port. 61% faster writes, 24% faster rewrites and 74% faster reads ain't that bad. Seeks are at the same level. So if you have choice between usb3 and usb2 and you don't have to pay much more for that, go with usb3 :).
Tests were run on NTFS partition under ubuntu 12.04.

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Article | by Dr. Radut