Another look at amazon EBS storage performance

Lately I've gave up bonnie++ in favor of iozone. I've done lot of performance checks on hardware I've got in my hands. That also means that I have to check iozone performance on my amazon instances.

Since tested instance was t1.micro, 1Gb test file was enough to avoid false cache results.

So command run was:

./iozone -a -i0 -i1 -i2 -r4k -O -n1g -g1g

Quick look at amazon EBS / instance storage performance

Lately I've been testing amazon EC2 and moving my virtual machines there. So I got a chance to test some EBS / instance storage block devices.

And my t1.micro instance got EBS performance like this:


And as you can see, this performance is not amazing. Slow writes, slow rewrites, nice reads (but still slower then 7200 rpm hdd). So you can't expect fast IO from t1.micro. But what amazes me is seek amount, almost like ssd storage. Strange but true. Of course those results varies on (I guess) resources available.

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