iotop and Centos 5.6

Kernel 2.6.20+ got real-time process IO statistics accounting. Nice tool to monitor this is iotop, but even thought it's available in rpm, it's not working well on Centos.
If you want install iotop on Centos just install it from EPEL repository. Kernel got already all needed options turned on.
So just add EPEL repo to your system and then
yum install iotop

Another nice tool to monitor system I/O is dstat especially with options --top-bio-adv and --top-io-adv.


Installing Drupal 7 on Centos 5.x machine

Installing Drupal is easy. Just follow instructions on project page and this shouldn't take more than 30 minutes to install and run your site.
But I spotted two problems while installing Drupal 7.x on my Centos 5.6 machine.
I've already have apache with php set up and working, but Drupal needs php>5.2 and default Centos php is 5.1.
Fast google search, and I have new rpm repository:

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