How to trace ssh tunneled/proxied connections

Almost everyone knows ssh port forward (-L/-R) or dynamic port forward (-D) features. They are very useful. For example when connecting to the internet using hotspot or other free access point it's very good idea to use ssh dynamic port forward. Doing so prevents other users from beeing able to see your traffic.

How to crack LM Hash online

LMHash is algorithm to encrypt password in some MS windows versions. Almost every administrator knows that LMhash is not safe way to keep paswords, but some ppl still use it especially for backwards compatibility. I would call it stupidity, but you can call it however you want.
There are tons of tools over the internet to extract those hashes from windows machines, from ldap databases and so on.

Password vault with LUKS

Some organizations/companies got problem with keeping their passwords to sensitive systems safe.
I mean passowrds for privileged users (root, admin, etc.). Even small companies got big IT infrastructures with 10+ devices/systems which got administrative passwords (like servers, switches, databases, etc.). You use those accounts like ones half year, so it's hard to remember all those passwords (and users) combinations.

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