Ext3 / ext4 extended options with soft raid and simple performance tests.

I guess almost every linux admin heard that when you creating ext filesystem over software raid you should consider using extended mkfs options. Two important options for that operation are: stride and stipe-width, which you should calculate for your setup of raid (number of disks, level, chunk size). You can calculate all those parameters each time you create ext2/ext3/ext4, but there are lot of ready calculators to use. I'd prefer using this one. Cause it's simple and fast.

Installing Drupal 7 on Centos 5.x machine

Installing Drupal is easy. Just follow instructions on project page and this shouldn't take more than 30 minutes to install and run your site.
But I spotted two problems while installing Drupal 7.x on my Centos 5.6 machine.
I've already have apache with php set up and working, but Drupal needs php>5.2 and default Centos php is 5.1.
Fast google search, and I have new rpm repository:


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