In quest of perfect laptop

Lately (for like 3 years), I've been looking for perfect laptop. I've been using 10+ of them during that period owned two, having three company ones. One of company laptops was almost perfect.
What is perfect laptop for me? Having those features:
* cpu with virtualization (to let me use windows VMs),
* cpu with AES (to let me use my luks crypted disks without loosing too much performance),
* gpu with vdpau support, which means nvidia card (with at least pure video feature set C),
* fast 300GB+ hdd – 7200 rpm, hybrid or ssd,

How to grow software raid in Ubuntu.

This is rather a memo for me than real article, cause there are a lot of tutorials about growing raid.
I grow soft raid on average every 6 months, so I tend to forget all the necessary steps.

This time I've grown my 3TB raid5 to 4.5TB raid5 adding 1 disk to raid set under Ubuntu 10.04.

First thing after installing new disk in the computer is copying partition table from one of raid disks to new one. Sfdisk is the best tool to do this.

sfdisk -d /dev/sda > sda.part
sfdisk -f /dev/sdd < sda.part

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